QBI Maximizer

The Quality of Business Maximizer is a subscriber based service that gives RVPs and near term RVPs access to a QBI, Taken Rate and Persistency calculator as well as processes designed to:

  • Allow RVPs to predict their QBI before Primerica publishes it.
  • Allows near term RVPs will know what their QBI, Taken Rate and Persistency will be once they get promoted to RVP
  • Assist RVPs and near term RVPs in tracking QBI, Persistency, and Taken Rate numbers in real time.
  • Help RVPs correct and prevent negative trends by utilizing the data provided by the QBI Projection Model and correlating it to actual cases requiring resolution.
  • Provide RVPs with an effective means of teaching good quality of business techniques.
  • Provide RVPs with an easily duplicatable process for managing quality of business issues. 

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