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Learn how to improve your QBI to between 80-85% and maintain it!!

Process Management Testimonial ~ “Fix Your Persistency has been an unbelievable asset to our business. Primerica is the Opportunity of a life time. However, if you do not know how to run the business on the back end, you can lose the opportunity very fast….Fix Your Persistency has assisted us in eliminating a downward spiral of our persis-tency rate as well as QBI. Our average charge backs have decreased by 50% over the past three months since we began receiving the services. Eddie and I feel truly Blessed to have come in contact with this service so early in our Primerica Business so that we could rectify some of our practices and begin driving better ones throughout our Team immediately in order to have a more Healthy and Productive Primerica Busi-ness for us and our future RVPs as well. Thanks so much for the KNOWLEDGE!!!!”

- Yvette and Eddie Henderson, RVP was developed to help Primerica Regional Vice Presidents and Regional Leaders (hereafter referred to as RVPs and near term RVPs respectfully) become more knowledgeable and proficient in the area of Persistency, Taken Rate and QBI processes and calculations. 

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